Tangents & Tirades

by The Cowl Editor on December 5, 2019


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Civ: An Unconventional Way of Connecting

It is staggering how many people “hate” DWC, commonly referred to as Civ, when it brings some of the most fundamental life ideas full circle and creates some of the strongest bonds between professors and students. 

Sure, perhaps one has a bad semester in the course–a tough seminar professor or a bad lecture time; however, when analyzing the actual outcomes of the program, one should feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  

In particular, seminar creates some of the most intellectually stimulating conversations students will have in a day.  Topics range from societal issues to historical events, and discussion with peers really opens minds to other perspectives.  

Secondly, many meet their best friends or simply make some great relationships in Civ with other students and professors.  Students tend to bond over the challenges of the class, creating a sort of solidarity.  Many times, these bonds develop into deeper friendships outside of class.  

Think about all the times people bring up Civ at parties or school events. We joke about saying “Oh! You are in my Civ, right?” as a conversation starter, but it is actually very effective.  

So next time you are dreading your Civ seminar or lecture, think about it in a different light! This definitely will make you love Providence College a little more.  

—Olivia Bretzman ’22


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Hallmark Doesn’t Capture the Holiday Spirit

With the holiday season upon us, a few things are inevitable. Some of these inevitabilities are Christmas trees, Mariah Carey Christmas music, and an inundation of Hallmark Christmas movies. 

The Christmas season is special and oftentimes draws on nostalgia from childhood. Because of this, many people are drawn to the classic movies that they watched as children, such as The Santa Clause or Home Alone. These movies truly capture the spirit of Christmas.  

Unfortunately, over the past few years, the Hallmark Channel has been producing a plethora of holiday-spirited films. They have a collection of around 136 movies, with 40 new ones premiering in the 2019 Christmas season.  

While some people find these movies endearing, they all seem to have the same generic plot. A single woman goes to a small town that is obsessed with Christmas (that is sometimes even named Christmas), and comes to understand “the true meaning of Christmas” while she falls in love.  

Of course, this plot seems like it could produce a heartwarming film, if made correctly. And this is often the case. However, with a quota of 40 movies per year, the producers are hard-pressed to find a way to vary that same plot skeleton.  

Overall, though Hallmark movies convey the Christmas spirit, they seem to take away from the special feeling and nostalgia of other films. Additionally, the copycat plots make for a predictability that could get boring if only created to meet the yearly quota. 

—Julia McCoy ’22