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AED Update: Scientists Rediscover Monkey Previously Thought to be Extinct

In the world of science, there’s always something exciting happening, and one of the latest developments is the discovery of a species of monkey in South America. The monkey, which has been named Xenothrix mcgregori, was previously thought to be extinct, until a recent study shed new light. X. mcgregori is a small, tree-dwelling monkey […]

Samantha Gabree '23

International Community Fears Possible Chinese Involvement in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Amidst already strained diplomatic relations between the United States and China following the U.S.’s shooting down of a purported Chinese spy balloon, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced over the weekend that China has considered providing “lethal support” in the form of arms and ammunition to Putin’s Russia in its war with Ukraine. In […]

Eileen Cooney '23

McPhail’s Hosts Huxley Hangout: BOP and Campus Ministry Collaborate on a Memorable Event

McPhail’s had a “pawty” on Tuesday night co-sponsored by the Board of Programmers and Campus Ministry: “Huxley Hangout,” an event that included stuff-a-Hux, doggy bags, Scooby snacks, and “pupcakes.”  The event was a major hit and many people were able to adopt stuffed Huxley plushies or take part in some painting activities. McPhail’s remained crowded […]

Kaitlyn Hladik '25

The Race for Speaker of the House

The latest battle for Speaker of the House was defined by compromise, political theater, and infighting. According to many political commentators, Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker revealed the schisms within the Republican party.  Following Nancy Pelosi announcing her resignation as Speaker of the House, it became apparent that someone new would have to take the […]

Shannon Kelly '26

Research in Greenland Reveals Much About Warming Temperatures

Researchers in Greenland have made an alarming discovery–using ice core samples, scientists have deduced that arctic temperatures are the warmest they’ve been in 1,000 years. That’s not to say that it was this warm in the 11th century; 1000-year-old samples are simply the oldest scientists can effectively research. Climate scientists drill deep into glaciers for […]

Liam Dunne '26

Congress Update

On Sept. 20, Student Congress welcomed Head of Public Safety Chief Chad Carnegie to our General Assembly meeting to provide updates on the advancements of his department as well as answer questions posed by our members. His updates included that a new public safety officer began working on September 26th, and six more are anticipated […]

Kaitlyn Hladik '25

Tiff and Earl

Dear Tiff and Earl,  I’ve been training really hard, attempting to beat Dean Sears in the Friar 5K. Any advice to crush the best runner at PC in his own race? Sincerely,  Future Marathon Runner  Yo Future Marathon Runner,  If you want to beat Dean Sears in the Friar 5K, you have to start adding […]

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