AED Update: Scientists Rediscover Monkey Previously Thought to be Extinct

by Samantha Gabree '23 on April 6, 2023
Guest Writer


In the world of science, there’s always something exciting happening, and one of the latest developments is the discovery of a species of monkey in South America. The monkey, which has been named Xenothrix mcgregori, was previously thought to be extinct, until a recent study shed new light. X. mcgregori is a small, tree-dwelling monkey that was once found on the island of Jamaica.

The researchers used a combination of techniques to piece together the story of X. mcgregori. They first identified the species from fossilized bones that were found in a cave in Jamaica. The bones showed characteristics that were unique to this species of monkey, including a long, curved finger bone that likely helped it cling to tree branches. Next, the researchers analyzed the genetic material from the bones to confirm that they did indeed belong to a previously unknown species of monkey. The genetic analysis showed that X. mcgregori was most closely related to another extinct monkey species found in South America, suggesting that it may have migrated to Jamaica from the mainland. Finally, the researchers combed through historical records to find evidence of the monkey’s existence. They found descriptions of the monkey from early explorers and settlers in Jamaica, confirming that it was once a resident of the island.

The discovery of X. mcgregori is exciting for several reasons. First and foremost, it shows that there is still much to be learned about the natural world, even in places that we thought we knew well. It also highlights the importance of conserving habitats and protecting endangered species, as the loss of a single species can have far-reaching consequences. On a more lighthearted note, the discovery of X. mcgregori is a reminder that science can be fun and surprising. The image of a small, long-fingered monkey clinging to a tree branch is sure to capture the imagination of children and adults alike, and it serves as a reminder that there is still much to be discovered and explored in the world of science.

The discovery of X. mcgregori is a reminder of the importance of scientific inquiry and the need to protect the natural world. It is also a fun and lighthearted reminder that science can be surprising and delightful, even when dealing with topics as seemingly obscure as extinct monkey species.