Tangents & Tirades

by Andrea Traietti on January 16, 2020


The TikTok Takeover

Today’s generation seeks entertainment from social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, especially the memes that these types of apps have to offer. With the growing influence social media has on society, new apps such as TikTok are created to provide this source of entertainment.

Many consider the app to be the new version of Vine. TikTok merged with the app Musical.ly to provide entertainment through funny videos and dances to popular songs that people can learn with their friends.

The most amusing part of TikTok is the trending dances. Creators on TikTok come up with easy-to-learn dances with popular dance moves to the beat of popular songs. The duet function on the app also allows users to create a side-by-side TikTok with their friends doing these dances together.

TikTok is different from Vine and other social media apps like Instagram because it offers two main feeds: one with trending videos on the For You page, and one with videos from TikTokers you follow. 

The For You Page is the homepage of the app. This feed is where trending videos appear as well as TikToks from popular creators. One of the greatest aspects of TikTok is that the For You page customizes the videos based on your interests and the TikToks you have liked. For example, I have a habit of liking dog videos.

TikTok truly embodies its name, as the time tick tocks away when you get deep into the For You Page filled with hundreds of thousands of funny videos.

—Emily Ball ’22

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Is There Anything to do in Winter?

Is Christmas the only fun part of winter? It certainly can seem that way sometimes. Yet there are plenty of ways to make the first few weeks of spring semester lively while embracing the chill in the air. 

Hockey games always remind students of winter, and Providence College’s team is definitely entertaining to watch! With tickets starting at four dollars, these games are a great way to take a break from homework and hang out with your friends. 

Additionally, PC usually offers a few open skate nights for all students. Serving cookies and hot chocolate, these skate nights allow you to hang out on the rink in Schneider Arena. 

If you are not a great skater, or are looking for something less active to do, downtown Providence has some wonderful opportunities. Thayer Street boasts some great restaurants that are just a quick drive away. 

And, in the winter, what do students love more than a good hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Blue State Coffee on Thayer Street is a great place to have any of these and more! Just a short drive from campus, a coffee shop is a change of scenery that can be much needed once we reenter the stress of schoolwork. 

Although the cold certainly limits our opportunities to get outside, winter in Providence is not to be overlooked. Embrace the snow while it’s here, because it won’t last much longer!

—Julia McCoy ’22

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New Year, New Healthy Habits

As always, in the first weeks of the new year, “New Year’s Resolutions” are a common topic of conversation. The most classic and common resolutions, especially among college students, relate to body image and physical appearance. As we enter a new decade, it is important to focus more on the betterment of one’s whole self rather than just physical appearance.

The obsession with having an attractive physical appearance takes away from the more important resolutions that college students can make. While a lot of people aspire to lose 15 pounds, get toned, finally achieve that six pack, etc., other things such as aspiring to make more people smile, be more thankful, start a new hobby, volunteer locally, and other resolutions should take priority over the physical appearance.

While it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising, these practices should not dictate your happiness and focus going into 2020. A lot of these resolutions can lead to an unhealthy obsession and relationship with body image that can impede upon other factors in one’s life.

So as this new year and new decade commences, remind yourself that a resolution can be more than just a number on the scale or how snug your jeans fit. The betterment of oneself is more than just physical and it is important that happiness, curiosity, knowledge, and more are not forgotten in the process of self-improvement in 2020.

—Marie Sweeney ’20

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