wet sand is stuck in my hair

by Connor Zimmerman on January 16, 2020


by Marelle Hipolito ’22

wet sand is stuck in my hair
but I’m too busy waiting for a shooting star to get it out
“look, one just passed by!”
I turn to you and say
“love bug, did you see it?”
but your eyes are closed, you are sound asleep
it was a long day so I let you be
I keep listening to the swift ocean waves
softly crash against the land of the cape
the gentle breeze rustles through the leaves of the trees above us
and carries grains of sand onto my face
I squint so they don’t get caught in my eyes
but they make their way to tickle my ears
so I turn back into you
bury my face in your arm
and with wet sand in my hair
underneath unseen shooting stars
I fall sound asleep

Man and woman lying on the beach under the night sky
Photos courtesy of pexels.com & unsplash.com & graphic design by Connor Zimmerman ’20