Restaurant Week for a Food City

by The Cowl Editor on January 30, 2020

Local Food

Providence Restaurants Modify Menus for Restaurant Week

by Brenna O’Leary ’20 A&E Staff

Providence is known for its colorful nightlife and its wonderful cuisine; in the past few days, the city was able to celebrate with the winter 2020 Providence Restaurant Week, which ran during the weeks of Jan. 12-25.  Organized by GoProvidence, the event has come and gone with a spectacular flourish.  


The tradition of Restaurant Week provides the chance for any food enthusiast to get great food at a bargain rate. Restaurants participating in this special week provide diners with modified menus, allowing them to order lunch for only $16.95, or a three-course dinner with flat prices of $29.95, $34.95, or $49.95 depending on the venue.  Some restaurants that were giving these great deals included The Capital Grille, Hemenway’s, Trattoria Zooma, and many more.

The Capital Grille’s modified dinner menu of three-courses for $49.95 was only one such example.  Each course had two or three options.  The appetizer included a rich New England Clam Chowder or a choice of two salads.For the main dish, customers had the choice of an 8-ounce filet mignon, seared citrus-glaze salmon, herb-roasted chicken, or other options.  And for dessert, one could choose between a luxurious chocolate and espresso cake or a crème brule glazed cheesecake. These options on a normal night would add up to around a $70 bill. 

GoProvidence originally organized Providence Restaurant Week for the summer season to draw more business into the city for the hotter and slower months of the year.  But now times are changing, and Restaurant Week has expanded; two years ago, a winter season was introduced.  Now, the winter week is the most successful time of the year for the project, and helps provide restaurants with eager clientele during the cold winter months.  

GoProvidence’s Director of Partnership Development, Christine Phillips, said the project started about fourteen years ago under the direction of now President and CEO Kristen Adamo in collaboration with local food businesses. The real mark of Restaurant Week’s growth, however, is the amount of restaurants that have joined the tradition. According to Phillips, it was a record high with about 100 participating venues. In fact, the success of the project for both GoProvidence and member restaurants means that recruitment for the event is almost non-existent, with restaurants reaching out to participate.

Providence Restaurant Week is a fun bi-annual tradition that reflects the city’s pride in their food scene.  It is a great opportunity for visitors to the city, as well as Providence College students looking for a night out with incredible food and even better prices.  The next Providence Restaurant Week will be in July, but stay tuned and remember to participate in the fun next winter.