The Power of a Year

by Connor Zimmerman on January 30, 2020


Calendar with the words written underneath, "Today is the perfect day to be happy"
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by Sam Pellman ’20

A year ago I was standing under the Eiffel Tower
Surrounded by unfamiliar faces
Some foreign, some similar to mine.

I used to panic about that moment
When I would be dropped into a foreign country
Alone without a single person to lean on.

But now all I think about is going back
And being that carefree and independent person I was
Even if it was just a quick three months.

A year ago I was unsure about my future
I’d spend hours anxious and worried
The future horrified me and I did anything to avoid it.

But now I look at it with excitement
As a new chapter, a new adventure
Full of new people and opportunities to grow.

A year ago I felt lonely
Like I had to deal with my problems on my own
And burdening people wasn’t an option.

But now I surround myself with people who care
People who want to see me do amazing things
And help me to become a better me.

A year ago I let little things bother me
I didn’t know how to take care of myself
And I didn’t want to grow up.

But now I see adulthood as a challenge
A challenge that I need
To reach parts of myself I don’t know exist yet.

A lot can happen in a year
Look back and think of who you were then and who are now
Self-growth is inevitable, but it’s up to you how you control it.

A lot can happen in a year
But for now, focus on what is happening in the here and now
Because before you know it, it’s a year from now.

And you’ve graduated and are looking back at college
Remembering those four years of growth you never knew could happen
All the friends who have now become your family.

But you’re a new and better you
With the most perfect of memories to look back on
And an appetite to see what the future holds.