Valentine’s Day is Beyond the CVS Aisles: A Love-Filled Thank You Note to Mom

by Andrea Traietti on February 13, 2020

Editor's Column

by Katherine Torok ’20

Associate Editor-in-Chief


Valentine’s Day: a time filled with supermarket flowers, heart-shaped candy boxes wrapped in red cellophane, overpriced cards, and stuffed animals holding hearts with cheesy sayings.

While this may be an over-exaggeration, it’s the typical Valentine’s Day that Hollywood and CVS have planted into my and many of my friends’ minds. Thus, if you are not in a relationship, this holiday may feel like a complete drag.

Now, instead of going on a stereotypical single-girl rant about how important self-love is, or how much I love my friends, I wanted to take this time to thank the woman who has loved me unconditionally for the past 22 years. So, thank you, Mom.

Growing up as an only child, I had a great relationship with my parents; I can honestly say that my mom is, and forever will be, my best friend. Yet, we’ve had our share of arguments, fights, and silent treatments over the years, and I would be lying if I said that there weren’t moments when I thought I had lost her love.

However, I’ve learned over the years that I will never lose my mom’s love.

So, here are just some of the things that I would like to thank you for, Mom:

Thank you for answering every text message and phone call, regardless of the hour. Thank you for kissing every cut and scrape I got on the playground. Thank you for holding me when that boy made fun of my hair in the fifth grade. Thank you for letting me cry through the phone at 8 a.m. when that boy broke my heart. Thank you for constantly reminding me of my own self-worth. And thank you for raising me to be a strong, independent yet loving woman.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a time for romantic love; it’s a holiday for every type of love.