A Real Galentine’s Day

by Connor Zimmerman on February 14, 2020


by Samantha Pellman ’20

It’s a Friday night at 6 p.m.
The sky is dark already
The air is cold.

To us it’s just a Friday night
But to others it’s the most romantic day of the year.
We don’t look at it that way.

A hand holing up a polaroid picture of friends together
Photos courtesy of pexels.com

We stand in front of the mirror
Curling our hair
And putting on mascara.

Laughing together
And sipping wine
Tonight will be one for the books.

It’s a night to celebrate our freedom
We’re only young for so long
We’ll be wishing to be at this stage in life again.

We’re leaving our phones home tonight
We don’t need to get in contact with anyone
This night is for us.

I take candid pictures of my friends
So we can remember how happy we were
Just to have each other. 

Valentine’s Day is wonderful
But for now, it’s me and my girls
We’re all we need tonight and always.