The Simple Truth

by Connor Zimmerman on February 27, 2020


A woman in a crowd as everything blurs around her
photo courtesy of

by Grace O’Connor ’22

Large crowds always made her head spin
She could never hear herself think which is why
She preferred to be alone, hear her own thoughts
Flood in her head like a much-needed drug

Silence is what led her to feel the rawness of her emotions
She felt the most alive, embracing the tranquility and authenticity
Of the simple, nothing forced, just truth
She craved this around other people, in a crowded room filled
With every other voice besides her own

The beach always made her feel the most alive
The cold sand between her toes as the breeze embraced her in a natural hug
No one to judge every move she makes, simply just the water waving
As the sand made room for every step she took, molding around her footprint

She likes to think more than anything
Unlacing the knot of every new thought that came to her head
Understanding the whys and hows of everything around her
Feeling her essence and recognizing herself in these moments
In the silence that some think is a burden

She welcomes it with open arms
Her internal voice is the most driven, and sure
Her outward voice is quiet, and scared.

Silence, is what some are afraid of
She was too
But does silence always have to be a burden?
Is it scary to see your raw emotions? Thoughts?