Trivializing President’s Day

by The Cowl Editor on February 27, 2020

Film and Television

by Brenna O’Leary ’20 A&E Staff


Which president was the fattest? Which president had an animal skull knick-knack? Have you ever wanted to learn about strange and interesting facts about the United States’ 45 presidents? 

If so, the President’s Day Trivia hosted this past week by PC Democrats was the place for you. Held in Ruane 105 at 7 p.m. last Thursday, the event was an intimate and fun way to celebrate President’s Day after the long weekend. To go along with the trivia, the PC Democrats also provided pizza.   

The club attempts to do a trivia event every semester. Brian Bates ’20 commented,  “It is just a fun night where we get to come together and do some fun trivia.” Bates also said that in the past, they have done trivia themes such as Parks and Recreation, and Spot the Fake News. He mentioned to keep an eye out for future PC Democrats events this semester.  

The crazy questions and the even more shocking answers had participants dumfounded.  What was intriguing was that the trivia questions were mainly personal tidbits or random factoids about the presidents. The trivia was hosted via Kahoot, which was so exciting that the group had to do another round. The event was a success, with participants competing in good fun and searching Kahoot for another game. So, which president do you think was the shortest? And who thinks they know the presidents of the United States?