Memorializing 19 Years Since 9/11

by Kyle Burgess on September 17, 2020


by Julia Acquavita ’22

News Staff

This past Friday, Providence College students and faculty commemorated 9/11 with a beautiful memorial service on the lawn in front of the Arthur F. & Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies. According to Charlie Dumon ‘21, President of PC Republicans, the club has been hosting this 9/11 memorial at PC every year since the horrific attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

When asked if the PC Republicans have ever considered coordinating an event with the PC Democrats in future memorial services, Dumon responded by saying that his club has not considered hosting the event with the PC Democrats. The PC Democrats are normally responsible for the Veterans Day memorial service, while the PC Republicans are responsible for the 9/11 memorial. However, Dumon made sure to note that “this event isn’t political. Our [PC Republicans] club just has the privilege of hosting it [the 9/11 memorial].”

Regarding how PC students, faculty, and staff can continue to remember and honor the sacrifices and lives lost on this tragic day throughout the rest of the year, Dumon stated that each person can choose to honor the lives lost on that day in their own, special way. Dumon explained that one member of the PC community may show their support by “waving at Providence Police and Fire departments as they drive by on Eaton Street,” while “for another, it could be praying for the families of those lost.”

Regardless of how one chooses to honor the sacrifices made on Sept. 11, 2001, the most important thing to remember is to Never Forget.

Dozens of flags were displayed in honor of those who lost their lives 19 year ago. Hannah Langley ‘21/TheCowl.