You + Me = Destiny

by The Cowl Editor on October 2, 2020


Two hands pink promising, surrounded by single hands with a pinky held out
Graphic design by Elizabeth McGinn ’21

by Toni Rendon ’24

I don’t believe in religion
So, for Me there’s no heaven or hell
There’s only one higher power for Me
And its name is destiny
I can pinky promise
It has a plan for You and Me

The path We walked used to be so heavenly
But recently it’s only been leaving hellish memories
I still won’t let this be the end of We

So just wait patiently
As my breath comes back to Me
And I slowly pick up the pieces of We
And put them back carefully

I do my best to ignore our history
But it still gets to Me
And I begin to drift away ever so slightly

We begin to defy destiny
When We forget the parts that made You love Me
So, this time let’s try to call it early
Before “We” just becomes
You and Me

And We end up as another sad failed destiny
Forgotten in the tides of History