Glass Doll

by The Cowl Editor on October 15, 2020


toy doll
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by Grace O’Connor ’22

I was a glass doll stuck to a white shelf
People would step back and admire, but comment on my silence
I was fragile, and kept on a shelf high above from all the danger that crept below
Every crack in me was patched and all the dust cleared off
I was pushed far away from the edge
In case I’d fall and break into a million pieces on the floor that eyed me from below
I faded into the background until I caught one’s eye
They watched me with intent, then would look away
As my silence would lead them to lose their intrigue
Their slow glance away felt like a stab in my delicate chest
The warmth I received came from sunlight that would shine on me briefly
Bringing out the color in my eyes, quickly fading away
To show the hollowness that lies behind
I sit on the shelf still, watching life play out before my eyes
Until I am replaced, I long to feel the excitement of life below