First Place

by Elizabeth McGinn on February 11, 2021


tattered ribbon
photo courtesy of

by Sam Ward ’21

Love is strange, strangers turn
To best friends and back again
When the feeling is less intense.

Still, you left a mark on my heart
Like an indent, and we typed the keys
That codified the sequence. 

“The sun still sets in paradise” 

Even butchered Maroon 5 lines
Reflect memories of moonlit eyes.
Tell me why, tell me why. 

Finally home but feeling withdrawn,
Take my hand, lead me too far.
Where has it gone? Where has it—

They had me living in a pit
I have one lofty wish:
Fix this glitch, fix this glitch. 

One day an eternity,
From two to three, all for just five,
That I wish you’d spend with me. 

Opened like a locked box,
Trifled for my jewels,
I gave it all away, I’d give it all away. 

This heart heals quickly,
The brain feels forever.
Conditioned to take it with me,
Where there’s always never. 

Sabotaged to start with,
Finish line or just quit,
Ego death or panic,
I am losing and I’m in first place.