A Few of My Favorite (PC) Things: Appreciating the Things that Make PC Home

by kwheele4 on February 25, 2021

Editor's Column

By Andrea Traietti ’21


This week’s Roving Photography question—“Tell me you’re a student at PC, without telling me you’re a student at PC”—is one of my favorites we’ve had in a while. (Shoutout to Bri Colletti ’21 and Aislinn Hoover ’21, photographers and Cowlers extraordinaire for the creativity this week!).

We all love a good TikTok reference, of course, but I also like this question because these days, as my final semester at Providence College continues to feel like it’s speeding by, it’s a good reminder about all the little things that make PC the place that it is—a place that will surely be difficult to leave in only a few short months. 

If I were answering the Roving question this week, I’d probably say something about the fact that so many of us are weirdly good at Jeopardy!, thanks to two years of intensive studies in history and classical literature in DWC. Or that we’ll all line up out the door of the dining hall on Thursday afternoons for chicken nuggets when, let’s face it, they’re pretty much just your average chicken nuggets. Maybe the fact that Dot retiring legitimately felt a little heartbreaking, or that it’s a familiar feeling to have to awkwardly jog to the door of a building when you’re still far away but someone insists on holding it for you.

My roommates and I have a bucket list of a bunch of things that we want to do one last time before we graduate in May, and we’ve been laughing about a few of the list items because they’re really not your typical hard-to-achieve bucket list goals. On our list are things like getting chicken nuggets one last time and planning to spend one more late night together in the library. 

However simple and silly they might be, though, we’ve attached meaning and different memories to the things on our list over the past four years. And while I love so many of the “big things” about PC, all the selling points highlighted on the pages of admissions packets, sometimes it really is the weird quirks about a certain place—the things that make it unique—that make it feel like home.