Mirages of Perfection: Meghan Markle Proves We Never Know What Occurs Behind Closed Doors

by kwheele4 on March 18, 2021


Earlier this month, Oprah Winfrey led an interview with Meghan Markle and Prince
Harry that revealed the couple has been struggling with a lot behind palace doors. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Mirages of Perfection: Meghan Markle Proves We Never Know What Occurs Behind Closed Doors

by Olivia Bretzman ’22

Opinion Staff

Ever since Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the world has been questioning the morality of one of the longest-standing, traditional families in Western culture. 

Not only was this unveiling of truth bound to occur, but it happened in a moment when many people are realizing that celebrities’ lives may not be as perfect as they seem.

To many people, the British royal family has seemed like the epitome of perfection until Markle, a biracial, American actress, graced the family with her presence. She fell into the category of atypical compared to the other royals—particularly Kate Middleton, an already wealthy, high-class, British woman who married into the family who everyone seems to adore. 

However, the royals’ highly esteemed presence fell short as soon as Markle became a target in tabloids and newspapers alike for no apparent reason. 

One would expect Markle to fit in considering her platform, beauty, countenance, and moral standards. However, the opposite occurred after the couple’s marriage in 2018, and Markle’s mental health has deteriorated ever since. 

In the interview with Oprah, Markle explained the hierarchy of the royal family and the power imbalance between the family itself and the “institution” that runs the family. 

Markle told  Oprah the institution “silenced” her. She was practically living in a prison disguised as one of the country’s wealthiest palaces. Her life was reduced to false interviews and news, making Markle feel very unstable. 

Along with all the fake news against which she could not defend herself, Markle claimed that the race of her future children was questioned in an incredibly racist manner. Moreover, she felt attacked by the British press and the institution. 

Her mental health crumbled and reached a breaking point at which she could not live her “normal,” fake life anymore. 

She felt suicidal. She asked for help, but no one would listen nor aid her. One would think that the royal family could afford decent mental health services or health care in general, but they simply decided that Markle was not their problem. 

Moreover, Markle’s life as part of the royal family was full of deception and likely a lot of prejudice against her rank, race, and nationality. Although neither she nor Harry could share everything, the details they did provide, including those regarding the aftermath of their split with the family, seemed enough to charge the royal family with neglect in terms of security for the famous couple and their child. 

Although this reality seems far off from what students at Providence College face, it stands as a perfect reminder of the fact that no one knows what happens behind closed doors. Even the most extravagant mirages of perfection and refinement are oftentimes tinged with weakness and blemishes.   

More than ever, in this time of isolation, family issues and mental health crises are rampaging. One must become hyper-aware of their neighbors and friends. We must not be too quick to judge others nor hold anything against someone. 

This fact does not stand true only now, though. Every single person has problems in their personal lives that many do not see. Oftentimes this is covered up by the fact that many students, faculty, and staff live and work in a similar environment and would then be assumed to be in similar situations. This is not the case. 

Everyone is going through something. If anything, we can be the biggest support system for each other. 

We can create the loving and care-filled environment that every person deserves, and that Markle never got.