The Best Day

by Elizabeth McGinn on March 25, 2021


dead fish with a birthday candle
graphic design by Elizabeth McGinn ’21

by W.B. Yeats

Today’s the very best day, the best day,
Sweeter than sweet tea with lemonade.
Even though the sky is gray,
The sun will come and brighten the way! 

I will take a coffee to go, the usual,
Some caffeine to fill my skull,
Of course they’ll remember me,
I always bring exact change,
Counted every fee! 

Then I will go to work,
Work a little overtime,
That employee of the month
Award, it will be mine! 

& lunch! Oh lunch! I cannot wait
For seared salmon, it’s a date!
Fresh caught fish eases the
Palette and it’ll be on my plate! 

Then I will go home,
An early day for me,
To watch Game of Thrones,
And eat ice cream!  


Well, today did not go quite as planned,
It rained and rained and rained
And rained.
I was soaked all day. 

At the coffee spot,
I forgot my cash,
And they forgot my name,
And forgot my order,
I come here every day; can’t I catch a break? 

 Work was fine, I guess,

My hours were cut and I got fired.
I should take myself
To the unemployment line.  

Lunch did not go as planned,
My salmon was cod,
And I hate cod.
Oh gosh.  

I did make it home,
Much earlier in fact,
But those folks at HBO,
Ruined my favorite show.  

We all credit ourselves, too much,
With whether our days will be rough,
Sometimes life just gets in the way,
We have no control, even on our birthday!