To the Guy That Yelled at Me in Ryan

by Elizabeth McGinn on March 25, 2021


arguing people

by Ryan’s Room Best Gal ’23

I drive back and forth from school to home,
     the commuter life is not one I would’ve chosen.
But a room, a magical room, brings me back,
     opens its arms wide open.

Sometimes I have to be the bearer of bad news,
     and kick someone out and stifle their hurt.
They hang their head low, for not reserving it sooner,
     I extend my gratitude in the form of a smile and compliment their shirt.  

Usually, people walk away and keep their honor,
     but one time, this whiny cry baby boy yelled at me in front of everyone.
I sat there and listened and watched how he stomped his foot.
     It was shocking to watch someone come undone and want to throw me into the sun. 

All he had to do was ask nicely to stay inside,
     I am not a monster; I would’ve let it slide!
But instead, he was super mean and totally uncool
     this guy made me cry, made me feel like a fool! 

But what could I have expected from a short finance major?
     A bit of respect and human decency?
I guess it wasn’t something he could fit into his calculations,
     didn’t have it in him to leave the room peacefully.  

I learned something valuable on this day.
     When you take something from a boy (let’s face it, he wasn’t a man),
they’ll throw a tantrum and try to make you feel bad.
     Call it karma, this time it was me taking your land.  

So, to the guy who yelled at me in Ryan,
     you made me cry in the room I won.
I messed up my makeup, my eyeliner was smudged.
     And because of that you have compact energy, so small, almost none.