the weather

by Elizabeth McGinn on May 6, 2021


sky and grass
Photo courtesy of

by Marelle Hipolito ’22

the sun is shining
the blades of grass are dancing
your playlist is playing
but you are missing

the flowers are blooming
the birds are flying
your guitar solo is playing
but you are missing

it’s a beautiful day outside
we are all here together, it’s pretty nice
but there’s something not right
you are missing, i’m not alright

you are missing out on the beautiful weather outside
you are missing out on being here with us because there’s something missing in you inside
and i can’t help you fix you because I’m just here outside
let me in let me in let me in, i miss you and i want you to be alright

the sun is shining
but i am crying
you are missed and you are missing
inside and outside

the flowers are blooming
but i am dying
i’m missing you being by my side
let me help you, let me inside