Listomania: Strangest sounds I have heard in the first week back on campus

by The Cowl Editor on September 16, 2021


  • Wolf howls (in chorus)
  • Flood warning notification (why is it so loud?)
  • The water dripping from the leak in my ceiling
  • The toilet in my apartment randomly flushing in the middle of the night
  • My freezer deciding it’s broken
  • Roommates brushing teeth very loudly
  • People aggressively slamming their dishes onto the Ray dish return
  • Footsteps above me while I’m trying to sleep (especially flip-flops)
  • People still trying to do the thing where they lick their finger before turning the page of a book
  • Roommates clipping toenails
  • Really bad club remixes
  • People typing their “notes” in class
  • Someone dropping their Hydro Flask