by The Cowl Editor on September 16, 2021


picture of succulents
photo courtesy of pixabay

by Taylor Rogers ’24

Green ribbons greedily grow, 

Spilling out of their small pots 

Like humans, they reach for the stars, 

Traveling higher and higher 


Diligently, I water these tiny ribbons,  

Watching keenly as they grow 

They steal from the soil below them,  

Clinging onto miniscule buds of water 


As they grow, they begin to invade my space, 

Creeping over my shoulder as I read 

The ribbons become darker,  

Matching the color of the vivid forest outside 


With my succulents, I grow, 

Aiming for the glittery sky 

The two of us grow together, 

Continuously hoping that one day, we will fly