Tangents & Tirades

by The Cowl Editor on September 30, 2021


Develop Your Global and Local Citizenship, At PC!

by Olivia Bretzman ’22

Languages can connect people on a level unlike any other. When attempting to speak another’s language, although one may feel silly, the effort means the world to the native speaker. Communication and respect for another’s culture in a world of chaos and disruption can unite two people.

 For this exact reason, amongst many others, Providence College students should take a language class in a formal, academic environment while they still can. The language department at PC offers a plethora of opportunities and intro-level classes in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. 

Practically speaking, students benefit tremendously from the ability to understand and speak another language, helping them in their future career, studying abroad, and beyond. Many languages can also help in courses that tie in language components or even require a bit more knowledge on the roots of words and phrases. 

However, each of these language-based courses can do so much more than teach diction and grammar. They broaden one’s perspective of the world around them. This includes learning about cultural norms, traditions and values, and current events in countries where the learned language is spoken. This new perspective even allows one to explore their future on a deeper level—perhaps after taking a class, one will want to add a minor or major!

However one views their purpose for taking a language class, and no matter what level one is at, languages are truly keys that open doors to the broader world and community. 


Sadie Hawkins was a Genius

by Madeline Morkin ’22

Too often girls wait around hoping to receive a text, call, or conversation instead of taking action into their own hands and reaching out to someone they admire themselves. The reality is that all of this waiting and wishing is a huge time waster when it comes to forming meaningful and healthy relationships. 

Unavoidably, there is fear and stress that comes with reaching out first. The potential harm or hurt emotions that can occur from contacting someone first can also be helpful to avoid wasting more time with a person who does not reciprocate those same emotions. 

Nobody enjoys being brushed-off, especially if they think so highly and optimistically about a potential future friendship or relationship with that person. But is it really better to submissively give someone else control of an entire relationship before it has even begun? No. It entirely disregards your own thoughts and intentions, while also unfairly places expectations on  the other individual—who may be worried about reaching out themselves—to potentially work on this relationship alone.

So what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe they do not respond to your text or perhaps this person explains they are not interested in further developing your relationship. Ouch! Wouldn’t you rather be aware of this information instead of spending more time internally dreaming up that disinterested individual into an impossible fantasy? It is not easy to do, but if it is truly meant to be, reaching out first will not discontinue the future of that relationship and might even expedite its progression.

Reach out, respond in a timely manner, get rejected sometimes, and move on to someone who is actually willing to reciprocate equal interest. 


Don’t Break your Bank on Dresses

by Emily Ball ’22

One of the big excitements of senior year at Providence College is all the fun formal events that the school plans. With multiple formal dances, like Black & White Ball, Senior Ring Weekend, and Senior Week, there are many events that require formal or semi-formal attire. 

For girls, it seems like the only option is to buy a brand-new dress for each event. But this path is not the best option as it costs a lot in terms of monetary and environmental factors. 

Some girls argue that it is important to have a new dress for each event, which justifies spending money on dress after dress. But, this problem can easily be solved without spending the money by sharing dresses with friends, floormates, or roommates. 

A good quality dress generally starts around $40-$50, not including the price of shipping. By sharing old dresses with friends, you can mitigate the financial burden that these formal events may put on you. You can still wear a dress that you have not worn yet if you borrow it from a friend. 

Further, many formal dresses are designed for short-term ownership, which is bad for the environment because the chemicals in the dye from clothing can cause environmental issues. By sharing dresses instead of purchasing multiple new dresses, we are actually helping the environment as well as our bank accounts. 

Although there is a glamorous excitement in purchasing a brand new cocktail or semi-formal dress, there is just as much excitement and benefit in borrowing a cute dress that has been gently used from a friend.