Security Update: New On- and Off-Campus Initiatives Established in Response to Rise in Crime

by The Cowl Editor on October 21, 2021


In the aftermath of the Oct. 5 all-campus security forum with the Office of Public Safety and the Providence Police Department, in which PC students were able to vocalize their concerns in the uptick in on- and off-campus crimes, several initiatives have been implemented to better protect both the Providence College and surrounding communities. 

PC has recently announced the creation of several measures to better ensure that on-campus students feel safe. These include the formation of a Safety and Security Task Force, Friar Nite Ride, a late-night shuttle service for students on-campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods, and the return of self-defense classes.

For off-campus students, the Providence Police Department has stated that they will increase the number of police officers assigned to weekend police detail, along with an increase in the undercover PPD officers patrolling the surrounding neighborhood.

Pertaining to the rise in off-campus crimes, the 02908 Club, a student housing center that many PC upperclassmen students utilize for off-campus houses, has announced the creation of the 02908 Club Ambassador Program.

On Oct. 13, Shannon Russell, The 02908 Club’s Operations Manager, announced the implementation of the program in an email to all tenants. She states, “The ultimate goal [of the program], though, is to have regular communication between all groups so that we can provide you with not only an outstanding off-campus living experience, but most importantly a safe and respectful experience.”

The program will establish the communication necessary for off-campus students to develop better relationships with their houses, The 02908 Club, Providence College, the police department, city officials, and the surrounding neighborhoods. This initiative comes as off-campus students have voiced their concerns about the rise in crimes that have occurred both in and near off-campus student housing these last few weeks.

These on- and off-campus initiatives come as a response to the growing concerns over the lack of accountability and culpability of the Office of Public Safety and the Providence Police Department over these incidents. The proposed efforts will seek to both better respond to and control the incidents that have occurred to protect both PC and the surrounding neighborhoods.