A Cry from the Heart

by The Cowl Editor on December 9, 2021


a person popping a balloon which is someone's heart
photo creds- pexels

Toni Rendon ’24

A cry from the heart  

Echoes through the night 

It soars among the stars  

And heads towards the light 


A cry from the heart 

Can be heard up high  

When a true love’s kiss 

Turns out to be a lie 


A cry from the heart 

Is a somber tune 

It rings out  

When a heart is beaten 

Black and blue 


A cry from the Heart 

Shakes the world to the core 

everything collapses  

you question “is it worth it anymore?” 


A cry from the heart 

Is sung in twos 

As both of you 

Realize you had something to lose 


A cry from the heart 

Is the greatest love song 

Written by me to you