What Is The Portfolio Staff Grateful For?

by The Cowl Editor on December 9, 2021


a card with the words "thank you"
photo creds- pexels

Taylor Rogers ’24: my family, Dunkin’ holiday lattes, and my amazing friends :)

Mariela Flores ’23: the family I have known my whole life and the found family I will know for the rest of it 

Aidan Lerner ’22: our copy editors at The Cowl who work hard to get our pieces published each week

Kate Ward ’23: my found family and parents that have stuck with me through thick and thin 

Anna Pomeroy ’23: health and happiness this holiday season!

Sarah McLaughlin ’23: the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful and talented group of writers!

Grace O’Connor ’22: my family and friends who have helped me through hard times