Holiday Listomania

by The Cowl Editor on December 9, 2021


holiday presents
photo creds- pexels

Holiday Miracles That Would Make Me Cry (of Joy)

  • Getting an A on every single final
  • My plants coming back to life (looking at my succulents…) 
  • Getting off the waitlist for my classes 
  • My BOP fish still being alive after break 
  • Finally getting a stimulus check (to spend on Christmas shopping)
  • Colleen coming back to life (fly high queen)
  • Getting a response on LinkedIn
  • Securing the internship I’m completely underqualified for
  • Actually being able to do what I say I can on my resume  
  • Getting no Friday classes
  • Finally shooting my shot with my crush 
  • Finding the perfect temperature for my room 
  • Fulfilling all my New Year’s resolutions
  • Learning how to cook (finally)
  • Finishing my elaborate alternate universe
  • Actually being the main character 
  • Getting Nate Watson to follow me on TikTok