New Year, Evolved Me

by jmccoy3 on January 27, 2022


New Year, Evolved Me

Creating Attainable Resolutions for the New Year

Jezel Tracey ’24

The beginning of the year marks a fresh page to be written in this “book of life.” Its first lines consist of clichés like “new year, new me” and “I am going to be a better person this year.” There are some who successfully achieve these sayings and some who do not. The difference between their success is not their attitudes or confidence, but rather, the steps they take to accomplish these goals.

New Year’s resolutions are goals that individuals set for themselves with the hope of changing habits and accomplishing tasks that they have never done in previous years. Whether it is losing weight, becoming more mindful, or making more money, New Year’s resolutions are always oriented around improving oneself.

Setting these goals for oneself is extremely important and beneficial for self development. However, these goals might become taxing when they are built on morals and interests that do not align with one’s own.

Creating goals and making plans that one wants to accomplish but that do not consider one’s best interest is one of the most toxic forms of self development. In fact, this emotional, spiritual, and physical exhaustion will do the opposite of self development. It is almost like trying to fit a puzzle piece that looks like the right part of the picture but is not. No matter how many times you try to convince yourself that it should fit, it never will, similarly to how a goal not tailored to a person’s current mental, emotional, and physical state is neither helpful nor realistic.

The biggest mistake that individuals make in their journeys to accomplish their goals is failing to realize that everyone’s process is different. No matter how similar your fitness, academic, or life goals are to someone else’s, it would be foolish to measure your capability with someone else’s. Oftentimes, when we create the same goals as other people, we neglect our own personal needs and wants. 

While it might feel grounding and inspiring to follow another person’s steps to development, it is important to ensure that they are feasible to your mind, body, and soul. These steps of development can range from workout plans, diets, organizing skills, or even confidence. Rather than using someone else’s journey as a direction of where to go, use it as a guide for how to get there.

Of course, it is hard to find ways to achieve goals without the help of others, however, it might be more beneficial to use the tactics that work well for you. One person’s weaknesses might be another person’s strengths, vice versa. While this can change through practicing healthy habits, this shift does not happen overnight.

As you set your New Year’s resolutions and goals for 2022, make sure that they are attainable and cater to your best interests. Create your goals and plans based on how your mind and body responds and not because someone else was able to accomplish it. Instead of starting a new page with “new year, new me,” start it with “it’s a new year, and I will evolve to a better me.” Focus on creating a better version of yourself, not a new one!