Tangents and Tirades

by jmccoy3 on January 27, 2022


PC Needs to be on Flip or Flop

Ashley Seldon ’24

Providence College announced their construction project to create a new residence hall named after Father Shanley, a relief to students since many friars remember the hassle of finding housing last spring. While it’s nice that PC is taking action to solve this issue, it would be nicer if the college devised a plan to renovate the existing dorm buildings. Many of the residence halls were built in the 1950s and 60s, and that’s apparent once stepping inside.

The tuition and room and board costs have gone up expeditiously in the last ten years, now exceeding $77,000 for students to attend. Despite these heavy prices, students feel that their needs are not being entirely met in terms of comfortable living. Basic living standards need to be met to justify the elitist cost families are expected to pay. The rooms in McVinney hall are way too small to be considered “doubles.” Most residence halls don’t offer air-conditioning or adequate storage space, and provide few wall outlets. In Mal Brown, there are only four washers and dryers for the 142 residents to fight over. Considering the differences in technological needs over the last 50 years, printers and spacious study lounges in dorms would help modernize these spaces.  

The school administration and alumni’s efforts to renovate and improve PC are appreciated. However, instead of building more, they need to update what the campus already has by partnering with students.

COVID-19 Cannot Stop the Friars

Zach Rossi ‘23

The Providence College Men’s Basketball Team is ranked within the top 25 best teams in the nation for the first time in years. With a record of 16-2 and being ranked seventeenth in the country, this year’s squad is eyeing an NCAA tournament berth. There is only one thing stopping this from happening, and it is not any of the competition.  

COVID-19 stands in the way of the college basketball season. Even if athletes do follow proper pandemic protocols, the season could still be ruined by an executive decision due to COVID-19 “problems.” For any upperclassmen, they can remember the incredible run of the 2020 season where the Friars took down top teams left and right. As the Big East Tournament rolled around, their run to glory was destroyed by the beginning of mass quarantines. At the time, little was known about the virus and how it would affect people. Now, with that knowledge, let the kids play.  

Our Friar athletes work too hard to have their chance at a great accomplishment stripped from them. They dedicate their time, energy, and effort to their sport. As their hard work finally comes to fruition with a phenomenal season, let us not have the virus be a greater concern than rival Villanova University. It is time to finally move forward with some normalcy, and there is no better way to do it than by continuing to watch the Friars win basketball games.