Short and Sweet Valentine’s Day Stories

by The Cowl Editor on February 11, 2022


pastel orange heart

Even if you don’t have a Valentine today,

You’ll have half-priced candy tomorrow.

Sarah McLaughlin ’23


Are you a bank loan?

Because you have my interest.

Kate Ward ’23


Forever thanks to my very best friend for all of our memories!
Without you, I wouldn’t know the very best of me.

Marelle Hipolito ’22


I remember our first kiss like this: it was in your car, the feeling of youth clung to our hearts as we snuck out of our homes just to see each other.

I remember every kiss since then like this: sometimes in your car, in your home, or in mine—our hearts still beating to the rhythm of youth years later.

Mariela Flores ’23


I was in love once.

His name was naptime.

Aidan Lerner ’22


Once love was a sinner, and I the loser,

But now this beggar has become a chooser.

Fiona Clarke ’23