When the Phone Rings, Answer It

by jmccoy3 on February 18, 2022

Editor's Column

When the Phone Rings, Answer It

by Nicole Patano ’22

While the phone in The Cowl office is fully functional, it gets almost as much use as the fax machine (which probably has not been used in over 10 years). If I am not in the office, the phone does not get answered. Though, to be honest, even when I am in the office, the phone does not always get answered. I am a firm believer in the old (circa 1979) adage that if it is important, the person will leave a message. 

Despite how nervous talking on the phone makes me, I will admit that seeing the glowing red indicator brings me an unreasonable amount of excitement. Who could be calling today? Someone requesting a copy of The Cowl? Spam? From the single message I received on Jan. 28, all I knew was that the person’s name was Frank Sullivan, he was a member of the class of 1965, and he wanted to speak to me. 

What began as a call to connect The Cowl with one of the Providence mayoral candidates turned into a coffee date spent poring over Providence College’s 1965 yearbook and discussing the history of both the College and local community. I left Seven Stars Bakery with the yearbook (to borrow), a LaSalle Academy class of 1961 baseball cap, and, most importantly, an arsenal of information to better understand what the College was like in the ’60s. Father Vincent Cyril Dore, O.P., was president of the College, students were trying to avoid the draft in whatever ways they could, and the men’s basketball team went 24-2 in the 1964-65 season. 

Frank told me that