Blue Light

by The Cowl Editor on April 21, 2022


by Nicole Patano ’22

a broken lightbulb
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Past the student center she walks,

a ringing in her ears.

Her name is spoken in whispers 

by the boys she met last year.

The ones who took the chance to kiss her

and then left her alone to cry silent tears. 


Beyond their voices, another sound,

steady as a thrum.

It presses down upon her neck,

presses like a thumb.


It transports her back to that hateful night,

when she wished upon a star

for someone to make it stop. 

Now hearing it is like tearing open a scar,

or feeling a blister pop.


She knows that after hearing the “beep,” “beep,” “beep,” 

she will not be able to sleep.


All because of that hateful night 

And, gone unanswered, that one blue light.