The Last of It 

by Anna Pomeroy '23 on September 26, 2022
Portfolio Staff


a diploma
photo creds: pixabay

My last first day of classes,

My last move-in at PC,

My last summer before college,

Have all come and gone.

They slipped right past my eyes,

As I wiped away the everyday

Wear and tear of my mind’s mirror.

Like stained fingerprints,

Ones that can only be spotted from 

the glare of a certain angle. 

I can no longer let my memory defeat me.

I must move on, taking in every last bit of this year.

In front of me, a towering stance glares from the end of the road.

My last dance at PC,

My last day of classes,

My last time surrounded by most of these people—

I am fearful of those future endeavors.