A Conversation with my Younger Self    

by Anna Pomeroy '23 on September 29, 2022
Portfolio Staff


a little girl
photo creds: pixabay

I know it’s been a while,

It seems like we’re playing phone tag.

I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy.

Where we last left off

Your favorite show was Hannah Montana

And you considered chicken fingers and French fries to be the only existing foods.

You tried every sport,

But nothing really stuck.

It never seemed to phase you though,

Because “Your Favorite Hobby?” was always answered with

“Hanging with friends.”

Same people to this day.

They’re doing well at college and 

It’s almost frightening that they sometimes know you

Better than you know yourself.

Still love the fall. 

Always used to be filled with 

Halloween costume magazine orders,

Apple cider donuts and 

Trick or treating. 

I think it’s the beauty of the memories that

Makes me still enjoy it

But now I have to go,

I’ve got things to do.

This goodbye shouldn’t make you cry,

I’ll always have you by my side.