Sports Picks of the Week

by The Cowl Editor on March 2, 2023

Professional Sports

Greetings, my fellow sports bettors. Unfortunately, we have entered the dark days of sports betting. No football means we need to diversify our bets. You have no need to fear, as on top of being a lights out football bettor, I’m also a golf connoisseur. Honestly, we are just starting to hit our stride here. We have some great events coming up over the next few months where we can collect money from any bookie who will take our bets. 

This week’s PGA Tour event is the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, FL and we have a strong field this week. 28 of the top 30 players in the world are descending upon the King’s course looking for his prized cardigan. The Arnold Palmer has always been one of the best events on the PGA Tour schedule so this will be a good one to follow. On top of being a great watch it is also a great money-making opportunity. 

Arnold Palmer is the original king, so it is fitting that the new king is going to win his event. Rory McIlroy always has been and always will be that guy. McIlroy won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2018 in electric fashion draining long putts, holing chips, and hitting nukes. 2023 is the year of McIlroy so get his value while you can. He is going to win the Masters, Open Championship, FedEx Cup, and another few events this year.. His march for the best year of his career starts this week. He is currently +750 and the favorite which he should be because he is better than everyone else in the field. McIlroy has come inside the top 13 in each of the last five years since his victory, meaning he knows the course. He feels comfortable, as he should, and the softer conditions of the course that are expected will help him dominate the field. I’ll take Rory to win the event by two shots at 15-under-par. 

Even though we know McIlroy is going to win this week, there are still some long shots that have my attention. The first player is Will Zalatoris, who can hit the ball really well. I can see him making a lot of noise this week but in the end, he will not be able to close it out. Not only is the Greek god McIlroy playing, but Zalatoris cannot putt to save his life. Even if the hole was three times its current size, he’d still have no chance to make any putts. It’s honestly sad to watch him putt, it’s like watching a 16-year-old dog jump on a couch. They are trying hard, but they just cannot get the job done. I’ll take Zalatoris to come in the top five despite him missing two putts on the back nine inside of three feet. See what odds you can get a Zalatoris top five and maybe sprinkle Will to win at 30 to one. 

My longshot of the week is Brendon Todd. I know what you’re thinking. Who the hell is Brendon Todd? Guess what, he’s not that bad. On top of not being that bad, he’s got some value on him. I’m seeing Todd at 100 to one or even better. He can make some splashes out there this week and contend for a title while on the course with the big boys. This is a Philly’s birthday pick, so Todd is going to have some extra luck this week. I’ll take Todd to put up a respectable T-12 performance, but he could make a run on Sunday.