Double Feature: Myles and Spencer Johnson named this week’s Featured Friars

by Margaret Hanson '25 on April 6, 2023
News Staff


Myles Johnson and Spencer Johnson, Class of 2024, prove that Friars can do it all: the brothers challenge themselves academically and participate heavily in a multitude of clubs and organizations, all while acting with friendliness and humility. They are a part of a set of triplets from New Jersey, both attending separate boarding schools for high school. When touring and applying to colleges, Providence College was barely on their radar.

“We just toured PC because we were in Rhode Island,” said Spencer. “The place chose me more than I chose it.”

Spencer, an Honors College student and English major, holds himself to the highest standards academically and interacts with courses out of pure interest in challenging himself and learning everything he can. “I have made things very challenging for myself, I am a curious person, and I would rather take the classes I want to take knowing I may not be able to when I graduate.” Namely, actively choosing to take six courses this semester while maintaining full involvement in all the organizations he is a member of.

Highlighting the Board of Programmers, he describes BOP as the “type of place and community where you meet people you knew existed but did not really know fully as a person.” He concluded that the organization cultivates a strong sense of community where students can learn things about one another that they may have been unable to in a classroom setting.

Some of Spencer’s commitments include serving as the vice president of Afro-Am, working as a copyeditor for The Cowl, and being involved as an orientation leader. In addition, he is on both BOP’s Travel Committee and the College’s Intellectual Engagement Committee, and he works as a Writing Center tutor.

Spencer laughed, “In high school, I used to dislike the people who were involved in everything and had a full resume, and now I have become one of them.” He credits much of his success to time management and to Myles.

Although they are two peas in a pod and participate in many of the same organizations, to assume they are codependent or the same would be widely incorrect. Myles said, “We are not necessarily as codependent as it seems, but because of circumstances and similar interests we are in the same clubs and do things together.”

Myles, an Honors College student and business economics major with minors in finance, Asian studies, and political science, demonstrates himself as a strong student with a genuine interest in learning, particularly about business and people. Highlighting one of his minors, he said, “My political science courses have been the most interesting because of all the rabbit holes you can go down even when you may not be an expert on the subject matter.”

Despite his extensive workload, Myles has not limited his life outside of his studies. He lives by his mother’s advice to “be a Renaissance man,” and considering his involvement, academic success, and ability to build a community at PC, he certainly has lived up to his mother’s words.

Notably, Myles holds office as BOP’s Social Chair and as Treasurer of Afro-Am. In addition, he is an orientation leader, Writing Center tutor, and a member of the Calendar committee.

Myles would implore other students to “take the time to do what you want to do. Whatever interests you, whether it is having a radio show, having a minor in a subject that you may not even pursue post-graduation, or going to sporting events, you should devote time to it as you cannot always do it after graduating.”