Finding the Time for Self-Care

by Emily Baldo '24 on November 9, 2023

Editor's Column

As midterms approach and the season is (kind of?) changing, the student-coined Friar Flu is once again making its rounds on campus. While it circulates a few times each year, many of us, myself included, start to feel under the weather less because of flu season and more so from being burnt out. 

Being in college automatically means a handful of things to manage—classes, homework, extracurriculars, jobs, and, somehow, a social life and down time. With the middle of the semester coming up fast, work is piling up, and time is running low. I know we hear it all the time from all kinds of sources, from social media to certified counselors, but it’s absolutely vital to take care of yourself and rest. Except, how are any of us supposed to find the time?

I am not only an Editor-in-Chief of this paper, but a student taking six classes, working two jobs, and running another club. Add the additional time I spend on homework and studying, writing Cowl articles, and keeping up with commitments to my friends and family, and I’m lucky to have a meal where I’m not either actively working or thinking about everything I have to do, and I know I’m not the only one in this boat. I can’t offer a lot of advice (if any of you have found a way to work in self-care to these wild schedules we have, please do let me know), but I will say this: instead of doing that extra mile every day, and starting just one more assignment, or trying to fit in just one more load of laundry, take that extra time to slow down. Make a cup of tea, watch a show, and just rest. It’s essential not only to combat the Friar Flu as it takes us out one by one, but also to ensure we have at least a little time that is not taken by homework or productivity. I definitely understand the guilt that comes with taking time off, but take it from a senior: you’ll regret not taking that time more than you’ll regret missing out on ten minutes that could have been productive.