A Weekend Away

by Janet Newman ’27 on November 10, 2023


With Indigenous People’s Day not far behind us, numerous Providence College students took advantage of the long weekend. Students used their time off from school to travel home and see their family and friends. However, because everyone was planning a trip home this weekend, there was heavier traffic than usual. Some people were stuck in traffic for hours on end. On my way home from PC, my three hour drive turned into a four hour drive, but the scenic fall leaves along the way home made it more tolerable. Fall foliage is most colorful in mid-October, after all.

For many, this weekend was the first time they were able to go home. Although home might be far for some students, this weekend provided ample opportunity for people to take a break from their weekly stressors. Instead of doing homework or partaking in other activities on campus, students were able to relax and enjoy the company of their family and pets. There is nothing like hugging your dog after being apart for a month. This weekend, I was fortunate enough to see my family. And along with the time I spent with them, I was able to partake in some New England fall activities.

This weekend provided ample opportunities for students both at home and on campus to recharge. College is mentally stimulating, so when given the chance, it is vital for academic and mental success to take advantage of periods of rest. This weekend, students were able to do things at their own leisure, enabling them to regain a stronger sense of self. Many took this time to study for midterms, but others utilized their time to hang out with friends or spend time with their families. This time off from school allowed for a recharge that not only benefited academics, but also students’ overall well-being.