Emily Baldo

Should Running Backs Be Paid like Star Players? Providence College Investigates: NFL

No, They Should Not The New York Giants shockingly made a smart decision this offseason. They decided not to extend Saquon Barkley to a long term, high paying contract. Don’t get me wrong, Saquon is a great player and is the best player on the whole Giants team. That does NOT mean that he is […]

Aidan Bennett '24

Should Running Backs Be Paid like Star Players? Providence College Investigates: NFL

Yes, They Should It is very clear that NFL running backs should be compensated just as much as the other star player positions. A running back has  one of the most important positions on the football field; however, it is also one of the most injury-prone positions in all of sports. In today’s NFL, having […]

Patrick Walsh '24

Sports Shorts 9/28

Field Hockey: The Providence College field hockey team holds a 5–4 overall record and a 0–2 Big East conference record. On Sept. 22, the Friars faced the No. 9 Liberty Flames in Lynchburg, VA, losing 5–2. Lisa McNamara GS ’23 scored both goals for Providence. Their next game was played on Sept. 24 against Merrimack […]

Dan Charapp ’25

Men’s Soccer Update

The Providence College men’s soccer team is off to a 2–4–2 overall start with a 0–1–1 Big East record. The Friars have had a brutal schedule to start the season, playing at the time No. 1 Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY as their first game of the season. The team fell to Syracuse 0–2 with […]

Justin Bishop '24

Listomania: Parents’ Weekend

Best Places To Take Parents on Homecoming Weekend

The Cowl Editor

Summer Camp Memories

Girls in dresses color my tattoos with Crayola markers, Fine-tuning linework with determination,  Shifting the edgy needle remnants into a coloring book permanently etched onto my body.  Grubby hands drag me forward, Forcing my knees to hit the dirt as they admire ants who march diligently, Unaware of their impact on the giants looming above, […]

Taylor Rogers '24

Tiffany & Earl: OneRepublic’s Biggest Fan

Dear Tiff and Earl,  I have been struggling to make friends and want to go to Late Night Madness but I don’t want to go alone. I really like One Republic, so should I bite the bullet and go by myself? Best, One Republic’s Biggest Fan Dear One Republic Superfan,  Concerts by yourself can be […]

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