Emma Strempfer

Baja California, Mexico, March 9

Global Border Crossing is a class that is taught by Dr. Kara Cebulko and Deborah Lopez. To call it a class is a minimization of all that it truly is; the course really opens your eyes to a side of the world from which many PC students are normally sheltered. It’s less about immersion into a […]

Shannon Kelly '26

Student Congress Update – March 16

Student Congress welcomed Dr. Nick Longo, professor of global studies, to our general assembly meeting on Tuesday, March 14. He was invited to present alongside Valeria Morillo ’23, a student fellow at the Dialogue, Inclusion, and Democracy (DID) Lab and the chair of the Awareness, Education, and Collaboration Committee of the 73rd Student Congress. Dr. […]

Kaitlyn Hladik '25

AED Update: Scientists Rediscover Monkey Previously Thought to be Extinct

In the world of science, there’s always something exciting happening, and one of the latest developments is the discovery of a species of monkey in South America. The monkey, which has been named Xenothrix mcgregori, was previously thought to be extinct, until a recent study shed new light. X. mcgregori is a small, tree-dwelling monkey […]

Samantha Gabree '23

International Community Fears Possible Chinese Involvement in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Amidst already strained diplomatic relations between the United States and China following the U.S.’s shooting down of a purported Chinese spy balloon, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced over the weekend that China has considered providing “lethal support” in the form of arms and ammunition to Putin’s Russia in its war with Ukraine. In […]

Eileen Cooney '23

Extra! Extra! Read All About It (And Wear It, Too)!

ECOPC and Fashion Society Host Newspaper Dress Event The past two weekends, ’64 Hall was covered with mannequins, flowers, pleats, and ruffles. On Feb. 20 and Feb. 26, ECOPC and PC Fashion Society hosted two six-hour long sessions giving students the opportunity to design and create dresses by repurposing leftover copies of The Cowl. The […]

Kaelin Ferland '23

A Cost of Industry: East Palestine, Ohio

An environmental disaster akin to an oil spill occurred in East Palestine, OH on Feb. 3, 2023. Carcinogenic chemicals were released into the surrounding environment when a train belonging to Norfolk Southern, a commercial transportation company, derailed earlier this month. Of the 38 cars derailed, 11 contained potentially toxic chemicals such as vinyl chloride, butyl […]

Liam Dunne '26

UFOs Shot Down Over Canadian-American Airspace

The North American skyline has become the center of an aviation mystery that has gripped Canada and the United States in extraterrestrial fervor and domestic angst. Three unidentified flying objects were shot down over Canadian-American airspace. Last weekend’s unprecedented aerial appearances represented the first time in the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s 65-year history that […]

Jack Lockhart '25