Emma Strempfer

Button Eyes, Blue Hair, and the BeldamA Closer Look at Henry Selick’s Coraline

Warning: Spoilers ahead! The 2009 Laika Studios film Coraline, based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name, was a hit upon its release, making nearly $125 million at the box office. While it was marketed as a family-friendly movie, it has since become popular with all ages. Most of its original audience was too […]

Madelyn Young '25

Halloween Costumes 2023

With pumpkins out on Eaton Street porches, cobwebs and caution tape strung around stores, and scary movies at the top of all streaming platforms, Halloween is almost here. For those impressive go-getters who take great pride in their costumes, planning began weeks, maybe even months ago. I wish I could say I was part of […]

Mary Catherine Craig

Best Halloween Movies to Watch This Year

As the leaves turn and the air grows cold, the Halloween season is upon us, and what is a better way to celebrate the spooky season than by watching a Halloween movie? Whether you are a horror fan or in the mood for a more lighthearted Halloween flick, this selection of movies has options for […]

Claudia Fennell '24

Into The Unknown and Throughout Halloween Television

The thought of the unknown has remained at the forefront of many literary works. It has been expressed by authors such as Mary Shelley in her exploration of the fine line between life and death in her novel Frankenstein (1818), or the complete writings of Edgar Allen Poe who dives into the dark and gloomy […]

Ian Gualtiere ’27

From Tragedy to Triumph

The New York Jets went from losing their veteran quarterback to knocking off the last undefeated team in the NFL. The Jets sit third in the tightly contested AFC East division with a record of 3–3. This team has been quite the spectacle through six weeks—starting pre-season in the spotlight on Hard Knocks, having the […]

Brendan Maguire ’25

It’s Time to Slow Down

With midterm season coming to a close and Halloween upon us, many are beginning to look ahead and make plans for Thanksgiving break and Christmas shopping. Travel plans, holiday budgets, and finals week are all looming over us; the stress is starting to become palpable even before Halloween, and I am definitely not exempt from […]

Emily Baldo '24

Halloween Night, 2017

For the first year ever, Pippa and Charles were finally allowed to go trick-or-treating by themselves. They had basically shoved their parents out the door on a date night, insisting that ten years old was a perfectly acceptable age to explore their small neighborhood alone. Pippa had decided to go as Anabelle and had made […]

Taylor Rogers '24