June 26, 2019

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  • Editor's Column | May.02, 2019

    Looking Forward to the Future of The Cowl: Preparing for the 2019-2020 School Year

    by Kerry Torpey ’20 Editor-in-Chief As I look back at my experiences thus far on The Cowl, the two people that first come to mind are my former Arts & Entertainment editors, Patrick Lovett ’17 and Paige Calabrese ’18. If…

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  • Editor's Column | Apr.11, 2019

    “No More” Moments

    Throughout second semester, the Providence College seniors have been reminded day after day that graduation is quickly approaching. Students in the class of 2019 have been gearing up and preparing for post-graduation life.However, as some of us are learning, in…

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  • Editor's Column | Apr.04, 2019

    Veritas: The Core of The Cowl

    Bittersweetly, this edition of The Cowl is our third-to-last of the year. As I prepare to move out of the position which I have held all year and pass the torch on to the next Cowl Editor-in-Chief, I have been…

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  • Editor's Column | Mar.21, 2019

    Spring Has Sprung: Keep the Campus Green

    As we approach the beginning days of spring, it is common for New Englanders to rush outside and enjoy the 55 degree weather that we consider warm. However, New Englanders are not the only ones excited about spring. Environmentalists have…

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  • Editor's Column | Mar.07, 2019

    Providence College: Our Slice of the World

    As we move past midterms and  into spring break, as sad as it is to say for many seniors like myself, our time at Providence College is coming to a close.  We have seen a lot of change in our…

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  • Editor's Column | Feb.28, 2019

    Following the Oscars’ Example: Learn to Embrace Change

    We all like to believe in fairytale endings, and Hollywood, for most people, is often predictable for telling stories that have happy endings. Its stories are not always relatable to the “real world,” but this year’s Academy Awards have given…

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  • Editor's Column | Feb.14, 2019

    Working Towards ‘Friar Family’

    The phrase heard most often on the Providence College campus is probably “Friar Family.” Friar Family means that all students, staff, and faculty are supposed to be welcome and accepted in the community on this campus. And with Spotlight Providence,…

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  • Editor's Column | Feb.07, 2019

    Remember to Thank Your Educators

    As a future educator and current student teacher, I have learned the importance of teaching students skills that go beyond the classroom so that they can apply those skills to various situational moments in life.    Until the bell rings…

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  • Editor's Column | Jan.31, 2019

    Building a ‘Beloved Community’ at PC

    “If we say we are on the road to a beloved community,” Rev. Nontombi Naomi Tutu repeated again and again when she spoke at the second Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation last week. Referencing one of Rev. King’s…

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  • Editor's Column | Jan.24, 2019

    Take the Leap: New Year, New Journey

    by Abigail Czerniecki ’19 Associate Editor-in-Chief The new year, whether we like it or not, comes with changes and adjustments.  For some, these changes are easy to notice and adapt to. Yet, for others, new routines and journeys may require…

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