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Keep Calm and Rock On

A Call to Arms (Instruments) for Providence College Students Last year, something glorious happened at Providence College: a music scene began to emerge. After a large drought during which WDOM’s Stuartstock disappeared for several years and the number of bands on campus was at an all-time low, student musicians came together and formed groups. Concerts […]

John Downey '23

The Day The Music Came To Life

The Day The Music Came To Life Stuartstock ’22 Showcases the Best Music PC has to Offer Jack Downey ’23 On April 29, music could be heard echoing throughout Providence College’s campus. The reason? WDOM’s annual festival, Stuartstock. Last year, Stuartstock was a bright spot during a gloomy COVID-19 pandemic year. This year’s festival built […]

John Downey '23

Look How Far We’ve Come, Providence College

Look How Far We’ve Come, Providence College Quinn XCII Performs at PC’s 2022 Spring Concert By Grace Whitman ’22 Two years ago, the Providence College student body was excited to return to campus after spring break to see Two Friends and Matoma perform at Spring Concert 2020, but the world had other plans. Yet throughout […]

John Downey '23

A Potentially Massive Win for Small Victories

A Potentially Massive Win for Small Victories An Interview with Alex Norocea By Jack Downey ’23 In two weeks, Small Victories, a Providence-based booking agency, is hosting their biggest event of the year, Small Victories Spring Week, or SVSW. It is sure to be one of the most legendary musical events the Rhode Island area […]

John Downey '23

April Show(er)s

April Show(er)s A Multitude of Musical Events Coming to Providence Jack Downey ’23 For fans of local music at Providence College, this article will surely put a smile on your face. This month, a number of concerts are set to take place in the city of Providence. Later tonight, April 7, there will be a […]

John Downey '23

A Month After The Met

A Month After The Met Looking Back on a Night of Musical Triumph Jack Downey ’23 After last September’s utterly spectacular concert at The Met in Pawtucket, the anticipation for a follow-up performance was through the roof. Behind the scenes, the musicians put plans together for a Dec. 4 show in order to meet demand. […]

John Downey '23

Dancing in the Dark

Dancing in the Dark Silent Disco Proves to be a Massive Hit Jack Downey ’23 When BOP and WDOM unveiled their joint event, a “silent disco” at McPhail’s, Providence College students’ confusion was evident. Not many people knew what a silent disco entailed. This mystery, however, built excitement for the event. As the date of […]

John Downey '23

Calling All Musicians!

Calling All Musicians! Practice Space Available on Providence’s Bissell Street Jack Downey ’23 Practice spaces are just as important for bands as instruments. Without a place to play, bands are unable to grow and flourish. A practice space might be a garage, a living room, a bedroom, or even a professional facility like JamStage in […]

John Downey '23

The Breeze Takes McPhail’s by Storm

The Breeze Takes McPhail’s by Storm The First Student Performance of the New Semester Did Not Disappoint Jack Downey ’23 It has been a joyous return to Providence College’s campus so far this spring semester, despite the looming threat of the Omicron COVID-19 variant. This sense of joy was apparent at McPhail’s on Friday, Jan. […]

John Downey '23

A Fantastic Weekend of Concerts at PC

A Fantastic Weekend of Concerts at PC Orchestra, A Cappella, and More! Jack Downey ’23 Over the past week, there were many concerts at Providence College as the semester begins to wind down. The first was a performance at 4:00 p.m. on Dec. 3 featuring the PC Orchestra. Helmed by Dr. Sang Woo Kang, the […]

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