September 27, 2020

Roving Photography: May 3, 2017 Issue

posted on: Thursday May 3, 2018

What is your most treasured PC memory?

“Storming the court at the Villanova game and
the 2017 Black and White Ball.”
Jordan Bernard ’18 and Ben Capuano ’18

“Hanging out in the BOP office and
meeting all my friends.”
Lauren Coulombe ’18 and Alana Dermody ’18

“Studying abroad.”
Sayou Cooper ’18

“Hanging out in Slavin.”
Tom Nee ’18

“Going to the sports games with all our friends.”
Abbey Moshier ’18 and Gabi Dess ’18

“Making friends!”
Nicole Smith ’18, Mark Stutzmann ’18,
and Jill Hennessy ’18

Photos by Maggie Branham ‘18, Staff Photographer Emerita, and Kristina Ho ’18, Photo Co-Editor Emerita

Roving Photography: May 3, 2017 Issue

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