April 3, 2020

Christmas Songs to Help You Weather the Cold

posted on: Saturday December 7, 2019

by Sam Ward ’21

Christmas carolers

Photo courtesy of needpix.com

Take what joy these tidings give
and gift them back to all who live!
Fear and hunger can be adjured next summer;
the joy we share must last all winter.

For frostbitten souls: “The season is here!”
All the scrooges: “Christmas is near!”
Grab mittens and scarves lest you bold.
Only the strangest of us can withstand this cold

With the warmest of holiday spirit.
The combustion inside warms those who hear it.
It bellows from the stomach, diaphragm, and heart
But harmonious vocals are the best part.

Tell all the frostbitten souls: “The season is here!”
And sing to the scrooges: “Christmas is near!”
Christmas carols cannot warm the weather,
but it could make these chills feel a bit better.

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