February 25, 2020

Somber and Blue

posted on: Thursday January 30, 2020

by Kiley McMahon ’20

My face, Covered, Somber,
And blue.

A sad girl

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

My eyes, Glossy, Puffy,
And red.

My thoughts, Jumbled, Intertwined,
And incoherent.

My watch, Ticking, Quickly,
Black and white.

The paper, Handed, To me,
Soon with tears.

The hour glass, Shattered, Grainy,
And white. 

My heels, Loud, Clanky,
And black.

Me, Not ready, Somber,
And blue.

My watch, Tries and tries, Its hands,
Are stuck. 

The class of 2020,
Ki Ash Strolls off.

Black pavement, Yellow lines,
And only unknown times.

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