July 5, 2020

The Fried Chicken Song

posted on: Thursday November 9, 2017

fried chicken on a plate

Photo courtesy of gobankingrates.com

by Marelle Hipolito ’21


i ate some fried chicken yesterday

it tasted good to eat my worries away

i saw my friend in the hallway

but i hit a locker and it took my breath away

i went to stats we had a happy frappy

made me realize that my life was so crappy


but it’s alright

and it’s okay

cause i ordered chicken and it’s on the way


i love the fried chicken delivery boy

he’s got a look that could bring me some joy

but i don’t even pay attention to his face

just the chicken he’s holding that’s good for my plate


fried chicken tastes so good

it always brings up my mood

it’s the only reason for me to run

because eating chicken is just too fun


i met a boy a few days ago

worth a million boxes of cookie dough

i found him on instagram, oh lord god bless

i tried to follow him but he ignored my request


but it’s alright

and it’s okay

cause i ordered chicken and it’s on the way


my friend caitlin and i were parking i thought we had some space

but i’m blind and we hit another car like a slap in the face

later in the shower i tried to change the song

lesson learned: phones and water don’t get along


had a physics test where i was barely alive

legit i didn’t study i got a 25

it’s okay though cause i took a nap

and found peace in a chicken wrap


but each night when i went home

i was never ever alone

because i ate fried chicken all those days

and my worries went away

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