April 21, 2019

Winter Sunrise

posted on: Monday November 19, 2018

Sun rising in a wintery landscape photo

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

by Erin Venuti ’20

Woke before the sun today,
No intent to see it wake.
Open after
Some hours.
May as well have blinked;
Streetlamps still glow,
Same as last night’s close.

Beyond the window,
Fades to pale
Blue, sun stretches and exhales.
A yawn breaks free, a hopeful yellow,
Charging the day that’s yet to follow.

I find, midmorning, looking up,
The moon forgot to set.
It peers through
A too-bright blue —
Wistfully, I wonder
If it’s lonely without the stars.
I tell myself not to worry;
Today, the moon has other company.

My day begins and ends with night.
I feel I’ve seen the darkness longer than the light,
‘Cause I woke before dawn, without intent.
But I know: the sun is worth being patient.

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