The 2023 SAG Awards

by Claudia Fennell '24
A&E Co-Editor

Arts & Entertainment

On Sunday, February 26, 2023, Hollywood’s most famous actors and actresses gathered at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Century City, California, to celebrate the 29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and award the best of film and television of 2022. This year, Netflix broadcasted the award show live, drawing in a larger audience. On the red carpet, stars wore luxury designers like Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton. The awards ceremony presented nominees from popular shows like The White Lotus, Abbott Elementary, and Wednesday. This star-studded night was filled with glitz, glamor, and celebration of the best film and television entertainment of this past year.

On the red carpet, celebrities like Zendaya, Emily Blunt, and Jenna Ortega stepped out onto the runway wearing showstopping looks. Two of the main fashion trends that can be seen in this year’s red-carpet styles are bold colors and texture. Best actress nominee, Zendaya, wore a custom light pink Valentino strapless gown, embossed with pink roses covering the bottom of the gown’s skirt, making a stunning arrival at the SAG awards. Jenna Ortega, the star of Netflix’s Wednesday, decided to do something unique and wear a vintage gown. Designed by Atelier Versace for their Fall/Winter collection in 1994, this one-shoulder black patent leather gown is a bold statement. The leather texture of the gown adds another rare element to this beautiful vintage dress, and this dark gothic themed dress perfectly matches the actress’s mystical style. Showcasing another set of bold colors, actress Emily Blunt wore a red floor length Oscar de la Renta gown from their Fall/Winter 2023 collection. This gown is bandage-style, with dozens of sheer cutouts throughout the length. Purple orchid-like flowers cascade from the bottom all the way up to the shoulder of the dress, with intricate green leaves sewn in as well.

In addition to the wonderful fashion looks that were seen on the red carpet, there were many monumental monuments to be noted from the awards ceremony as well. The film, Everything Everywhere All at Once, directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, won five awards, including: “Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture” and “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role” for Jamie Lee Curtis’s role. The film follows the ventures of Michelle Yeoh as she works as a heroine, using her powers to fight interdimensional dangers. The other television program that won many awards was The White Lotus. Jennifer Coolidge was named the best actress in a drama series for her performance in the show, and the cast won the “Best Ensemble in a Drama Series.” The White Lotus follows the vacation lives of various guests at the White Lotus resort, with a star-studded cast including Aubrey Plaza and Theo James.        

The actors and actresses of 2022 did not disappoint in their fashion choices for the SAG awards this year. Bold colors and texture were seen across many dresses, forecasting trends for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. The film Everything Everywhere All at Once took home five awards, and The White Lotus was celebrated abundantly as well.

Going Over the 2023 Oscar Best Picture Nominations

by Patrick Smith '26
A&E Staff

Arts & Entertainment

Like a seasonal influx of plague-carrying rats in 14th century Europe, the Oscars return once again to present a handful of films as the supposed best of the year. Here is a short breakdown of each best picture nominee so you can brag to your friends that you’re a cinema expert after picking the incredibly niche one as your winning horse.

Top Gun: Maverick: It’s a one to one remake of Top Gun but with the great Miles Teller from Whiplash. Are you fond of Top Gun? If so, you have probably already seen this eighty-seven times. It is generally a pretty charming film, despite being derivative of the original. The aerial cinematography is phenomenal and really impressive.

Everything Everywhere All at Once: A zany but heartfelt story where martial arts star Michelle Yeoh learns to utilize different alternate lives across the multiverse. This had a massive following when it came out, and fans of the film are extremely passionate. I think the blend of creativity and celebrity talent lends Everything Everywhere All at Once a solid shot at taking home an award or two.

Avatar: The Way of Water: Despite taking over a decade, James Cameron’s second film about ten-foot tall blue CGI cat people did actually come out this year. Narratively, The Way of Water is a little bit of a hot mess, but it’s visually beautiful and Cameron really knows how to shoot a movie. Great creature designs, above-average modern action, and generally pretty watchable even if it does suffer from a lot of issues carried over from the first film. At the very least, Avatar is probably winning best visual effects or something similar.

Elvis: Continuing the recent and extremely popular trend of the dramatic celebrity biopic this year is Elvis, in which Tom Hanks does a questionable accent for two hours. Austin Butler’s performance garnered a massive amount of praise and launched him to immediate stardom.

The Fabelmans: Steven Spielberg’s love letter to cinema, and likely a lot of his own experiences, is captured beautifully through this coming of age story about a young film enthusiast. It’s Steven Spielberg, the man is great.

Women Talking: Women Talking is a tense drama about the horror of sexual abuse, in this case in a small religious community.

Tár: Starring the great Cate Blanchett as a monstrous composer, Tár is stressful, engaging, and thoughtful, and it has generated a lot of buzz online.

Other nominations include The Banshees of Inisherin, a tale of a broken relationship between two friends living on a small Irish island; Triangle of Sadness, a classic but interesting premise of the super-rich being marooned on a desert island; and All Quiet on the Western Front, a remake of a classic war film based on a book of the same name.