by The Cowl Editor


A chocolate bar unwrapped
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by Grace O’Connor ’22

Smooth and sweet, the chocolate rolls around my tongue
I see happiness and sunlight
The warmness that makes me feel young
As the little pieces of sugar melt on my tongue
I run through the grass with glee
Smelling the fresh flowers
My long hair being whipped by the wind
I don’t care about the passing hours
The chocolate slowly becoming thinned
I look back when the only thing surrounding me was flowers
The ground beneath my feet is cold
The once sweet chocolate left behind a bitter taste
I yearn for the times when I didn’t feel old
When I did not feel a sense of disgrace

7 Ways to View a Daffodil

by The Cowl Editor


A daffodil
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by Gabriela Baron ’20

The vivid skirts of dancers
Swaying and twirling in the wind

A morning star
Bursting like fireworks in the gloomy sky

The pure happiness of a child
Its petals spreading out into a grin

Midas’ fingers
A golden touch radiating prosperity

A sprout from the earth
Summoning the birds
To commence their sweet melodies

A push through strong, stubborn roots
After winter

The rising sun
Blooming into a new day