Why the Packers are America’s Team

by The Cowl Editor on October 7, 2017

Professional Sports

Aaron Rodgers celebrates a win with signature touchdown pose photo courtesy of Eric Edholm

by Jack Belanger ’21

Sports Staff

   I wish I could proclaim the Patriots as “America’s Team,” but most of the country would be quick to disagree. While the Pats have been the best team recently, outside of New England they are probably one of the most disliked teams.

   Being “America’s Team” is more than just being the best, you also have to have fans from all around the U.S. root for you at some point, while having a consistently strong home fan-base. The Green Bay Packers edge out the Pats because, unless you are a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, nobody really hates the Pack nor consistently roots for them to lose.

   Green Bay fits the bill as “America’s Team” for a variety of reasons that help them edge out all the other 31 teams from the product on the field to the attention off it.

   First, the Packers have consistently been one of the best teams on the field in recent years, making the playoffs for the past eight seasons while winning a Super Bowl during that run. Being one of the best teams in the league is key to be a favorite since nobody wants to root for a perennial loser (sorry, Cleveland).

   But they also have not had a dynasty where people are hoping they lose. Behind the success is Aaron Rodgers, one of the most exciting players to watch with his ability to pull off a big play when needed.

   Off the field, one of the more likeable features about Green Bay is they are publicly owned by many stockholders and are run by a board of directors. This means the team does not have to worry about a single owner who is the face of the franchise (i.e. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys).

   Green Bay has one of the strongest fan bases in the league despite being one of the smallest markets. Deflated balls or not, the Packers have not been accused of cheating, leaving no room for people to question their success.

   While the greatest quarterback and coach may very well reside in Foxboro, it’s hard to portray anyone in Green Bay as a villain in the league.